Netricoin – Stellar and Bitcoin Cash in one?

Netricoin – Stellar and Bitcoin Cash in one?

Diversification, or placing funds in a variety of assets, is a fairly well-known practice, popular among experienced stock market players. As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, both in a utilitarian and investment context, there are more and more attempts to apply this method to the cryptocurrency market. However, for many novice investors, selecting and storing one type of asset may be complicated enough. In response to their needs, an innovative product was created that allows us to apply the principle of diversification to the practicalities of crypto, offering us two of the most promising currencies at the moment.

Stellar – the platform of the future?

Stellar is a platform that is readily used by international organisations, large companies, and global corporations, and the associated Stellar Lumens token is popular with many professional investors. This is not without reason because Stellar allows you to quickly, easily, and securely transfer not only currencies and cryptocurrencies but also other financial instruments.

The Stellar project was created in 2014 through a collaboration between Jed Caleb, known for his work on Ripple, another well-known platform, and Joyce Kim, a lawyer specialising in investment law, for whom cryptocurrencies are an example of technology accessible to everyone. Their combined efforts led to the creation of the Stellar platform. Like many other cryptocurrency networks, it is based on a streamlined and extended Bitcoin source code; however, before Stellar’s official launch, Jed and Joyce spent a lot of time studying the systems, advantages, and shortcomings of BTC to make sure their project would be unique and practical.

Their efforts have paid off, as Stellar has already established its first major collaboration in 2016. Today, the platform and its associated tokens are readily used not only by large corporations but also by investors and individuals to exchange funds, assets, raw materials and services. As a result, they have also enjoyed unwavering popularity on the cryptocurrency exchange, gaining “big player” status among many experts.

Bitcoin Cash – a better version of BTC

Bitcoin Cash is a sort of “offshoot” of the original Bitcoin, and for this reason, some consider it a weaker version of Bitcoin, sometimes referring to it as the “little brother” of BTC. In reality, however, Cash is not inferior to its “big brother” as it actually fixes the bugs and shortcomings that bother many BTC users.

According to the initial concept, Bitcoin Cash, also known as Bcash, was to be merely an improvement on the “original” Bitcoin. Unfortunately, there was first a serious misunderstanding and then a subsequent breakup between those involved in the BCH project and the rest of the team. As a result, Bcash is now a completely separate, standalone cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin Cash is still based on the same system as the “traditional” Bitcoin, there are a few differences between these e-coins. The first and most important is the capacity, as this is one of the most cited downsides of BTC, along with its poor scalability. The Bcash project was supposed to fix this problem, both significantly increasing the capacity and improving scalability so that transactions can be processed faster and in greater volume.

Unfortunately, BCH is still not as well-known as its “big brother”, but recently it seems to have started gaining popularity, and its speed and functionality are increasingly appreciated by fans of the “classic” Bitcoin. That is why many people are becoming interested in investing in this coin.

Combination of two cryptocurrencies – Netricoin

The Netricoin set was created as a direct response to the growing demand for investment products that will allow investors to undertake diversification in a convenient and beginner-friendly way.

Portfolio diversification, or investing in diversified assets, is a very important skill for any investor. This can be quite difficult in the cryptocurrency market due to its characteristics and the extra steps you need to take when investing. Finding the right exchange, registering, finding a portfolio, securing it… it can all be exceedingly overwhelming for new investors who are still gaining the necessary experience and familiarity with investing in one e-currency at a time, let alone in a larger number of e-coins.

These are the people that Netricoin is intended for. Opinions about this product generally agree that it is a convenient, simple, and above all, safe way to gain experience in managing more than one asset. By combining two promising cryptocurrencies, Stellar Lumens and Bitcoin Cash, with the option to safely store units offline, and access the information you need, Netricoin offers everything you need to start diversifying your e-wallet.

How does it work exactly? First of all, the interested customer selects the set they are interested in and then fills in the form with the required information. After completing and sending the form, the customer should receive an email confirming that their order has been received. A few days later, a shipment will be delivered to the address provided by the customer. For security reasons, the customer will be asked to produce an identity document when collecting the shipment and, after confirming the data, they will be asked to pay for the shipment.

The shipment will contain a card with the Netricoin access code and a brochure with detailed instructions for its use. The code on the card provides the customer with access not only to the ordered units, placed in an e-wallet selected and secured by the distributor of the Netricoin set, but also to an educational platform with high-quality materials on the history, characteristics, and use of XLM and BCH. Netricoin provides access to high-quality educational material and online training. In this way, the customer receives not only two different cryptocurrencies, placed in carefully selected and secured e-wallets but also access to materials containing valuable knowledge provided in an easy to digest form. This versatile nature of the Netricoin set makes it an excellent choice for beginner investors looking to take the next step towards professional cryptocurrency trading.

Prospective investment

The choice of Stellar Lumens and Bcash was no accident. These are some of the most promising cryptocurrencies currently available on the market. Over the past seven years, Stellar has established itself in the market and now holds a strong position in the top 10 most popular cryptocurrencies due to its versatility. Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, is appreciated for combining all the positives of the classic BTC while eliminating its biggest flaws.

Moreover, both cryptocurrencies are used in different contexts. Stellar Lumens are tokens used within a specific platform, while Bcash is a coin that is used to make daily payments on other platforms and stores. This gives both of them a good chance of turning out to be a lucrative investment.

Due to the rather specific characteristics of the cryptocurrency market, transferring the skills used in “traditional” investment markets can be problematic. Especially new investors who are new to the cryptocurrency market may find it challenging. Netricoin has been developed to meet the needs of such people, as it provides users with two different cryptocurrencies, along with access to educational materials that will help them make the most of the units they receive.

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